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Welcome to Montpelier

Montpelier, the home of James and Dolly Madison, has a new attraction for the thousands of tourists who visit each year. A 200-acre portion of the estate is home to a Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Farm run by Kim Wilkins.

The first TRF horses arrived at Montpelier in the fall of 2003. The equine residents include Correggio, the 1996 Eclipse Award winner as the nation's outstanding jumper.

"For much of the 20th century, under the stewardship of Marion duPont Scott (Montpelier's last private owner), Montpelier was one of the nation's premier equestrian centers," said Michael C. Quinn, former President of the Montpelier Foundation. "In partnership with the TRF, we are proud that Montpelier will continue to be a showcase for America's race horses."

Special Message

FRANCES YOUNGBLOOD SPECIAL CARE FUND We are all deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our friend Frances Youngblood ...

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30 Jul News | 2 comments

If this is climate change,

I’ll take it.  55 degrees the last two mornings.  When was the last time anyone in Virginia was wearing polar fleece in July? So, Holly came and rode my adorable Tony again today.  She loves him, and if she had room in the barn, would take him home.  This horse is going to make a […]


28 Jul News | 5 comments

Just proof, for those of you who know Bailey

He picked up the right lead.  


28 Jul News | 4 comments

Does this look like a horse in pain?

The top photo is Roy finishing his work with Tad Coffin and his snappy new saddle.  He looks pretty darned pleased with himself, doesn’t he?  The horse I mean, not Tad. Not that Tad was displeased, but of the two, Roy has the bigger smile.  Sorry Tad.  Will share more photos.