Okay, so the snow is gone.  In between downpours I am actually getting in a ride or two.  T the semi-cranky Devil Horse (don’t let the pretty face fool you) is actually showing some decent walk trot work and good transitions and leg yields.  It has only taken us two years to get there.  He can almost canter left.  Actually, he canters beautifully left, after the bucking fit we call a “transition.”  Right lead is definitely out of the question however (but no problem at all sans rider, or if I pay a vet $400 to watch…).  And he jumped me clean out of the tack over a stinking cross rail.  So I have called Marcia Carabell to schedule a lesson.  We need professional help…

Chick is doing nicely, now that I seem to have his parking brake unstuck.  Weird.  He was an absolutely beautiful mover in the field.  I warned him if he did that gorgeous power trot one more time, I was bringing the saddle despite the fact he’s an old man.  So, he did, I tacked him up, and poof!  Can’t move.  Finally got a shuffle.  When confused, he went backwards (NEVER the correct answer, but he is kind, and backed up just as slowly as he went forward, so not too scary).  I have discovered that he is super sensitive.  Reins obviously mean “cease all forward motion immediately!”  As does the seat.  So steering has been a bit of hit or miss, but I am pretty positive I won’t be run away with.  Therefore, if I do not touch the reins, I can get a nice, forward walk.  When asked to trot, we go straight to the western pleasure shuffle.  It is slower than his walk, but at least it isn’t backwards…

Angus has finally been cleared for no hoof bandage and turnout.  He isn’t lame, so maybe after his chiro visit he can try working again (if by work you mean 15 minutes of left right stop and go, yeah, work).

My favorite little buddy Smash (he’s just adorable!) is waiting on chiro as well.

Next time it gets over 95, I may try to lunge the two evil mares again.  Still can’t get on those witches.  It may not be worth it.  One, I’m not getting younger and the ground is not getting softer.  Two, even if I do get them moving, they probably won’t ever be really user friendly.  And if they aren’t young enough, sound enough and flashy enough to be show ponies, who wants to deal with their attitude?  Not me.  I already have a horse that’s trying to kill me.

Well, that’s the news.  Desperately searching for hay now.  I need 250 round bales to make it through the winter.


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