40 percent casualty rate

I had ten horses up for the farrier, four have abscesses. Dropping like flies around here. At least those got opened up, and maybe my ponies will find a bit of relief. All because of too much rain. It has stopped raining now, and wouldn’t you know, NOW is when we could use a good rain! We got a bunch of fields sponsored, so went ahead and put down lime. Now I can’t put the horses back out until we have enough rain to wash it off the grass and soak it into the ground. So we clean stalls and rotate the round pens. The weather dudes have been predicting rain for two days, but not even heavy dew, yet. Yeesh. Feast or famine, right?

Tamio is coming to trim this afternoon, so undoubtedly that is the time the skies will choose to bless us. Nothing more fun than standing in a field, holding horses in a downpour, in October. Unless you’re the guy trying to trim said horse in said downpour. Yeah, this is Virginia, and not New York, but it does get chilly down here, too, guys. Especially when one is soaked to the skin.

Ah well. Red and Swing are still in action, so I’ll go play with them this morning. I never did get you their pics, did I? I’ll try again, now.

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  1. KWilkins says:

    Oops, somehow poor Swing’s nose got cut off. It’s a cute nose, trust me.


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