A mystery!

I’ve kind of gotten used to the gremlins who inhabit Montpelier. They move things. Leave something one place, come back tomorrow and it has either moved or disappeared. Today they have one upped themselves. Yesterday at some point, some gremlin came to the black barn to duct tape Tony’s foot. Neither Jeanne nor I saw it yesterday, but when we brought him in this morning, duct tape. So we cut it off and examined the hoof, the shoe, the leg…. No issue to report. It wasn’t Roman, I asked. Or anyone else who volunteers/visits. So what is up with people coming to the barn, wandering the fields and randomly duct taping horses’ feet? I find this vaguely disturbing. Okay, rather disturbing, but unless someone confesses, or I spend all my nights at the barn, I will never know what happened.

So, just a show of hands, how many of you would walk into a field and mess with strange horses? Not that my horses are all that strange. Quirky, some of them, but you know what I mean. I work with horses all the time, and even I won’t go mess with someone else’s animal. You just never know. It might be just like Halo, who smiles, smiles, smiles, until you are close enough, then she whips around and opens fire. Until you get a halter on that mare, you just never know. And if you have to work with the back end, you had best have someone holding onto the front. She is just as handy with the fore weapons as she is with the aft.

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  1. Anna says:

    THAT gives me the heebeegeebies. Don’t folks get what fences are for?? We have a Bushnell camera out at our place; the kind hunters use to see where deer track. I’d alert Security about it — if someone can get that close, they can get into feed or water buckets.


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