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A new milestone!

Today, Brownie solo’d!!! All by herself, out around M’pelier, for the very first time! I am so very proud of her. She really is a super level-headed mare. Next time we’ll go a little farther, past killer attack chickens and what not. She’s done it before, but not all by herself. I was really happy with the way she handled herself today. I’m not saying she went out with a “Woohoo! I own the world!” attitude, but she was forward, and quiet. She paused before deciding to tiptoe across the bridge, but that’s fine. She didn’t back up, or try to turn around. She just stopped, took a deep breath, and went on with it. Carefully. Quite pleased with herself for getting past that obstacle, she trotted on up the hill. Then I took a little detour she’d not been on before (which I think she enjoyed. She was starting to feel a little cocky) before we strutted back home. Wonderful. Next time I have a barn spotter (did I tell you J3 has the flu or something? She’s been out a week) Brownie and I will try a woods ride. Maybe if I bring her around to the far side of the stream (which she will cross, under pressure, with one gigantic leap) so the only way home is over the stream she will cross alone. Scary… She lead over logs last time in the woods, and was pretty proud of herself. I think this year is Brownie’s year. So what if she is a bit of a late bloomer. She is blooming. And she is not yet quite five.

I have tried and failed to post pictures, so I will send them to our technical HQ and ask Miss Sandy to get both Brown and Red up for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Oops! Think I may have insulted Brownie in my last post…I referred to her as him! We rescued a little dog about 8 years ago and she is part Golden Retriever so the rescue had called her Goldie. She is Emma now because it felt like she needed a real name so I can understand to change the name for Brownie. She sounds like she should be named something soft since she sounds a little tentative and gentle.


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