Adopt A Field

Adopt a Field


are in desperate need of care.


Due to the vagaries of Virginia weather, our fields have suffered an unusual amount of damage over the past eight years.  We have reached the tipping point where we must do something in order to save the pastures that we have.  After looking at the results of the soil tests, the extension agent in Orange has recommended that we lime the fields immediately and then follow up with a concerted effort at weed eradication in the spring.

Just the cost of liming the fields is $35 per ton and he recommends 2 tons per acre or a cost of $70 per acre.  We currently have approximately 215 fenced acres which comes to a total cost of nearly $15,000.  We are asking that you help us to provide good and consistent pasturage for the 73 horses currently at Montpelier.  If we improve our fields, we will be able to reduce the amount of hay we feed as well as the number of months we must feed thus reducing this cost.

A contribution of $70 per acre would be a start, but any donation would be appreciated.  It is possible to sponsor an entire field either as an individual, a business, or as a syndicate……why not gather a group of friends under one name and join our Adopt a Field program?  If you sponsor a field, TRF will place a permanent sign on that field with your name or the name of your syndicate or business so that others may be made aware of your generosity.

If you’d like to adopt a field at Montpelier, fill out the form below:

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Adopt A Field