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Adoptable Horses

Henry cross-tied today

Yeah, that just never happens on the track. He was pretty surprised he couldn’t put his head down, but was otherwise unconcerned. The nice, cool water after all of 20 minutes “work” in Virginia August made him very cooperative. What we are doing with him now is more mentally than physically exhausting, and when he […]

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Henry, one more time

Okay, new volunteer Jen is brave and agreed to get on recently raced (well, not so recently anymore) Henry for steering and stopping practice. She likes him just as much as I do! It took him a few minutes to decide New Human was okay, but after that was pretty relaxed. Henry stepped over a […]

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Henry, continued

Henry is a really cool horse. He doesn’t understand a thing I am asking, but he is trying. Here he is walking around his security blanket, volunteer Nancy. He loves Nancy; she brings him carrots. That’s cool, but I am having a little trouble convincing him to leave her side. To get Henry to trot […]

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Henry will make someone a wonderful horse

Yes, it has been awhile, but not much has been happening at the farm. We did have a pretty successful fundraiser last week, though. A sporting clays shoot at Central Virginia Sporting Clays, located in Palmyra, VA. Many thanks to Brad Landseidel (hope I spelled that right) for all his help and advice. For more […]

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Henrik Rules arrives at Montpelier

This is Henry.  Not the best pic, I just took it over the fence while he was checking out his new field.  He is straight off the track, so I won’t be hopping on anytime soon, but I thought you might like a look at him.  We will get better pictures soon.

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Mystic Fever

“Flash” is an eight year old 16.2 hand gelding.  He is cautiously back up for adoption, but will need a special human.  He has trust issues, so will need a very experienced, patient rider.

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