And now it is Tuesday

I slept 12 minutes by actual count last night.  Never, ever, order a super grande latte at 2 in the afternoon, even if you are expecting a vet to come see your ponies and feel like you are about to nose dive into the dirt.  It just ain’t worth it.  So, dragging today.

However!  Yesterday went really very well.  Dr. Marsh is pretty cool, and we swapped stupid horse stories (read “stupid people stories that just happened to involve an equine”) as we drove around and tried to take pictures of all my hairy beasts.  They really do look pretty good.  I’ve got a few boys up for extra feedings (never a girl.  Seems we ladies do know how to eat), but they look well, also.  Just need a little extra help to maintain it (Yes, I would kill for that metabolism… What, it’s Thanksgiving and I’ve lost weight?  Oh no, pass that chocolate, please!  Yeah, right.  Not in this lifetime).

AND someone is coming to see Tony on Thursday, provided it does not rain (please please please no no no rain)!  It sounded like a pretty good match over the phone, so I encouraged her to come see him in person.  So, paws crossed for NO RAIN because 1) Tony’s potential pet human is coming and 2) the races are this Saturday, and 10,000 people will park on my field.  I have already moved the horses.  Ron has dragged the field (heaven forbid anyone step in poop at a horse race!).  Montpelier is putting up signs.  Everything right on schedule.  So why do I have this awful feeling I have forgotten something important?  Probably because I have forgotten something important.



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  1. Anna says:

    fingers crossed & good thoughts for Tony!


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