Another beautiful day in Virginia

Got the horses in, watered the roses, have the sprinkler running on the garden now (it hasn’t rained in a couple weeks – I now get to gripe about the dust and the grass not lasting the summer and having to get up really early to water the gardens. At least it’s a change from last year’s grousing).

Brown should be over her boo boo by now, so she will go for a happy little hack to see if I am right.

And yesterday was my birthday. J3 got me the coolest stuff (or tackiest, take your pick): sparkly hoof polish! Yeah! Because I’ve been threatening to paint Jeffy’s feet sparkly pink (he’s totally a fruitloop horse) ever since I heard Davera did it for the Ride for the Cure. Of course, she didn’t know the stuff doesn’t come off, and opening meet was the following weekend. Ummmm, yeah. Was a little out of the ordinary. So, I am going to paint Jeffy’s feet! maybe I’ll paint everyone’s feet! People will need sunglasses to watch my horses go by!

J3 is going to have a fit. Hee hee hee. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you? This is gonna be great.

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