Another lost week

Monday and Tuesday were a bust as I had to deliver horses over to Afton (Sarah, you are checking that contract, yes?). It was so humid Monday we only got two horses ridden when we got back. Didn’t bother to sit on any Tuesday. Instead, we moved some horses around the property as we already had the truck and trailer hooked up (I just LOVE my new truck and trailer). Moving one more this evening and I should be done with that.

Today I’ve got to go get my hair cut. Okay, get this: Dave not only made the appointment, he paid for it. Is that a hint, or what? At least he was kind enough not to say, “Hey, honey, you really look like a total skank. You CANNOT wear that baseball cap 24/7.” I don’t wear it 24/7. I take it off to go to bed, at least.

Tomorrow the farrier and vet show up, so no time to ride. That leaves Friday. Are we betting on rain for Friday? Probably.

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