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Another Monday

J3 cancelled on me this morning,  Roman needed salt blocks and MTG, Ron needed conductors (?) for a fence he is putting up to keep race people from climbing into fields where they should not be.  Happens every year.  Montpelier puts up big signs and arrows that say, “All people come through here to watch horses run,” but for some reason, there are always a few John Q. Publics out there who don’t believe those signs apply to them.  So they wind up in fields with baby race horses, actual race horses, and some times even in the stalls with the horses.  AND they have cut the electric fence put up to encourage them to follow the arrows to get into the stalls with the horses.  I guess you just can’t fix…  Well, you know.  Can’t be fixed.  Add a little alcohol and KaPOOF!

So I am now awaiting another vet to go through the herd this afternoon.  She just called to let me know she was running late.  Thank you.  Very considerate.  But she said the photos were taking more time than she thought.  What?  Photos?  Yep, have to photograph every horse.  Hmmm…   You know, I have a bunch of volunteers with cameras who could have been doing this.  I could have charged my camera, run out and done that this morning and put it on a disc or thumb drive for her.  I could have done a lot of things to make this easier for her, but I just sorta, kinda found out now.  Gonna be a long afternoon.  I hope I am the last stop today, because just driving around and looking at 70 horses takes a couple/three hours.  Catching them?  Posing and taking pics?  We are gonna run out of daylight, darlin’.


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  1. Anna says:

    My vet takes Coggins photos with his iPhone (front & sides); if the horse is co-operative it takes him about 1/2 a minute to do a horse. I suspect that’s what she was doing.

    Some folks have no sense of propriety–isn’t that property damage & trespassing? I sympathize with you — too bad you can’t have security cameras to catch the culprits “in flagrante”

    Nice autumn weather here, tho it will climb into the low 80s late this week before the cold front brings us some needed rain — the boys have static cling at the moment! LOL


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