Another New Guy. Erik

Anne called him Omni, but he just didn’t seem Omni-like.  Take him home and call him Blueberry Muffin if you like.  This guy is super easy to ride and lunge.  He really pays attention and tries hard.  Like Teddy, he came off the track last fall after two starts, and then spent the winter resting.  He’s still on the thin side, but with all the food I’m dumping into him that won’t last long.  I’ve already hacked him on Montpelier, and he lead the whole way!  Over the bridge, over the rubber mat on the road, past the chickens and the big herd of horses.  No spook at all!  He was fascinated by everything.  I hope to toss him on the trailer and get him out on one of the trail rides soon.  He, too, is five and about 15.3.  Both he and Teddy ride much bigger, though.  It’s a weird phenomenon.  Gator and Red were about the same height (Gator was one half inch taller, though, as she would have me remind you) but Gator felt like a big horse and Red feels like  a pony.  Okay, let’s see if I can get these photos up.  Again, ignore the odd objects that look like they are protruding from my poor little horse.  I really have not driven fence posts through his skull.

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