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Attack of the Killer Squirrels!

Actually, no squirrels were involved that I saw, but an awful lot of acorns were. I took Dunny out for a ride around Montpelier on a nice, cool Autumn morning last week (weather has been gorgeous). He was already feeling good and looking for dragons when a strong breeze blew, pummeling us with a huge shower of acorns. It startled me, but poor Dun darn near jumped out of his shoes! A new trail hazard he had not yet encountered. At least we weren’t under a walnut tree. A few years ago a black snake jumped out of a tree and nearly fell on Holly, but that’s another story.

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  1. Anna says:

    Yes its beginning to look alot like….Autumn down here in SE Georgia. Thank goodness as I don’t think I can stand anymore 90 degree days! This am is perfect for fox hunting, not that I do that though I would like to try it — don’t have a hunter at the moment! LOL Farrier comes this morning & since my horses have to have speciality shoes on the fores, there goes the paycheque!

    We have small squirrels but very very large spiders so I keep an eye out for them while trail riding


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