Baby Trend

Baby arrived at Montpelier in March of 2006 after suffering some serious injuries, reportedly from a starting gate accident. After 84 starts, it’s doubtful he was the instigator. The injury was serious: a laceration through the hoof wall of the left front, and a much longer cut – below the jaw across the cheek to the eye. The trainer apparently did not want to spend any money on a vet and stitched the horse up himself, then sent him to slaughter. He spent 10 days in the kill pen, because the first truck to the slaughter house was full.
Fortunately for Baby, he was spotted by TRF and purchased. A vet repaired the wounds (132 stitches to the cheek). When he arrived here, he was the thinnest, most depressed animal I’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t eat (he choked, as the saliva gland now drained to the outside). He had serious ulcers. He had issues.
Today, Baby lives fat and happy at Montpelier thanks to the generosity of spotters, veterinarians and donors.
His story is sad, but probably not unique. Given all that he has been through Baby will not be adopted out.
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— Kim Wilkins, Farm Manager

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