Back to normal

Which means after a week of beautiful weather, we got about 5 inches of rain last night and I can go back to complaining. The stalls at the Yearling barn all flooded, and I thought we had fixed that. At least the office did not flood, so that’s good news. And Gator and Brown are sound again, so that’s good news. But we had to bring poor Tater up to the Black Barn for another abscess. Got him all poulticed now and wrapped up like a mummy. Brought Moon ala Mode in to keep him company, so he seems to be taking his confinent well enough.

Definitely not hunting this week. Virginia is under water again (as is my drainfield – about 2 inches of standing water – not a pretty sight. Doesn’t smell that great in the wash stall, either).

Dave wants to go to Charlestown to watch some horse run. Now, it’s nice to date someone who is interested in and understands what I do (he used to work on the tracks, and at yearling sales and all that stuff), but I stare at horses all day long. Honestly, the last thing I want to do when I get off work is to drive two hours to look at more horses. But I’ll probably go anyway. Too bad I can’t bring Enzo. And I am NOT driving! Heh heh heh.

Well, sounds like Ron just drove up. We need to go solve the flood. Later.

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