Bailey got shoes

So, Mr. Bai got his first set of front shoes in three or four years.  Took him for a short spin in the field after that, and it went well.  Hacked him a bit on Montpelier today, and he still doesn’t need a babysitter.  I always rode him alone before and he was fine with it.  The only thing Bai really can’t handle is being inside.  He HATES stalls.  Mr. Claustrophobic, I should call him.  So, while everyone else comes in to sit under the fans for a couple of hours, bailey goes to the round pen.  And still he is upset.  They wrote “Don’t Fence Me In” with that horse in mind.  Yeesh!  But as he could stand to lose probably 200 pounds (can you say 17 hand pony?  This horse wrote the book on Easy Keepers), I have to restrict the pasture at least a little bit.

Flash got new shoes as well.  I am not putting Flash up just yet, as he just came back.  Previous adopters finally decided he was not suitable for anything.  Huh?  He was pretty cool when I sent him out.   Sort of a California surfer dude.   Whatever, man.  So for now I am just letting him decompress and adjust to life on Montpelier before I get back up and start pushing buttons.  Maybe he just hated his job.  Who knows?  He’s settled in and totally calmed down in the week he’s been here.  I even got the horse they couldn’t turn out with anyone a few pasture buddies.  Must have been something in the water.  Of course, the fact that I take everyone off grain and throw them in a field might also have something to do with it.

I am exceptionally lucky to live in VA and be able to do that, but no matter where you live or what you do with them, a horse is a horse.  We should strive to make their lives as horse-like as possible.  Mother Nature designed them to live in a field and eat 18 hours a day, so who am I to say otherwise?

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