Bears! And lions and tigers.

Actually, no lions or tigers, but that’s the second bear on Montpelier I’ve seen this year. I drove up to the green barn (yearling barn, everything here is freaking green) and thought I saw a black German Shepherd at the top of the hill. When I got up here, it was a bear. I had to wait for it to leave before I could get out of the truck and come inside (to the blessed air conditioning) to tell you about it.

Southern summers suck. No two ways about it. And this one is nasty. Maybe it’s just since my “heat incident” last year (destroyed a perfectly good F250 if you are just tuning in), but I cannot tolerate the heat and humidity above 90-95. Today it was 97 in the shade. Bleh. J3 and I did get six ponies ridden (only two worked on “training” issues, the others were sat upon). I just released them from the stalls (with fans, you’d think they’d be reluctant to go out, but no), and came up to the office. Dave called and said no way in Helck was he cooking tonight, we are going out. I’d rather not eat at all, actually. I feel awful.

So no painting fences this evening. I did a bit of blue last night. We are going to have some pretty electrifying fences when this project is over. Between J3 and Dave donating paint and flowers (plastic, for the boxes), it’s going to be terrific! I’ll send pics of the project once we’ve finished. I’ll probably never get a horse in the ring again….

So, good news. Erik has a sponsor for the next six months as we give him more time off for his ankles. If all goes well, Erik’s new guardian angel will then take him to a new forever home. They (horse and human) got on well together, and a little more time on both sides may be a blessing. In any case, Erik’s new G.A. has visiting rights and plans to come get to know his horse better during the waiting period.

Okay, that’s it. I have to go home and take a shower and lie on the floor. And maybe go out to dinner, although I don’t know how anyone can even think of food in this heat. And I’m too tired to check this rant for typos, so you all will (ahhh! Northerners say “you guys.” If I ever go back home, what will my friends say? Oh, they gonna make some fun of me!) just have to overlook the worst of it and picture bears running amok.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Did you get those bad storms too?

  2. kim wilkins says:

    Oh yeah. Still no power and I am lugging water out to the fields. Thank dog for my splashy pool!

  3. kim wilkins says:

    STILL no power, and I can’t remember how to log on remotely (I’m at the library. Lot’s of unemployed people in Orange apparently, as the place is packed at 11 am Monday morning). Everyone on Montpelier has power but TRF and me. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!


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