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Beautiful day!

Wow, what a break in the weather!  Only 64 this morning, and very low humidity (I was actually chilly.  What a wuss I’ve become).  The horses are loving it.  There is enough wind to keep the flies down.  It feels like fall!  So the weather, and the fact that I’ve been upping Roy’s grain to keep weight on has started to fray his brain cells.  I can almost hear the popping and sizzling sounds they make when he tries to think.  So, naturally steering practice was out of the question today.  Instead, we did train practice.

They are working on the railroad in front of the barn.  Lots of noise, beep beep beep backing and train horns.  Horses were just fine with that (so there you have it, can’t cross a stream, but can stare down a train).  But Roy was feeling good today!  So he just kept picking up steam.  His brakes stink and his steering fails when he gets like this, so I really did my best NOT to canter today.  Fortunately, I know Roy well enough now to know he won’t do anything bad, but call me a control freak – I like to call the shots from the saddle.  Sometimes I have to negotiate, but I won’t stand for being ignored (oh, witchy witchy witchy!  You can insert a b, if you like).  However, my conversation with Roy was rather lopsided.

“Roy!  Slow down!  Road coming up!”

“POP!  Sizzle! Rrrrrrrrr!”

“Hello, earth to ROY!”

“Huh? Popopopop! Szzzzz!  What did you say?”

And so on.  But I did get some new grain donated called Kalm and Kool or Kalm EZ or something.  I will check on that, and let you know if it works.  Of course, the SR feed I have him on now is not supposed to make him this energetic, either.  Or so I was told.  Good thing the naughty Mr. T is holding his weight.  He has major temper tantrums if I feed him.  So I don’t, and life is much better.  Now he just turns around and bites my foot if he’s upset.  Whatever.

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  1. Anna says:

    Kim — try Calm & Collected (used be called Confidence Plus) by Hilton Herbs. It’s an whole herb supplement and has valerian in it (you can smell it — it’s like dirty socks) as well as chamomille. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now on my Irish TB gelding, who sometimes gets a bit too hot for me. It takes the edges off. I think it works better than the Kalm EZ which he used to be on. My guy is now on Seminole Wellness Senior and a 1/3 cup of Seminole Equalizer, with a 1/2 scoop of beet pulp (pellets that are expanded with water), Farnam HB15 for his hooves, and Simplifly to keep the fly larvae at bay, and of course the herbal concoction. He has to have a blend of coastal bermuda hay with orchard/alfalfa hay, and free pasture grazing otherwise he colics. He hates being stalled for long periods of time, which I found out when he tore his left hind suspensory — hence I started him on the herbals. This seems to be the best combination for him — the first barn I had him at complained that he was a hard keeper; my current barn has worked with me to find the right feeding recipe to keep his top line up and his energy, with regular enough exercise & “brain work” & herbals, at a satisfying level.

  2. Anna says:

    Oops forgot to tell you, he gets the herbal with his grain twice a day. There’s little scoop in the container so he gets a level scoop (must be about two tablespoons) each time.


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