been away awhile

Sorry about that. Lots going on. Had to run up to NJ to see my brother as well, as he totalled his truck and is still in the hospital. The might let him out next week. It’s one of those play it by ear deals. And I still have to get back over to Lexington and clear out Frank’s house (I told you I was co-executor of the will?), so it can be shown to prospective buyers.

And poor Brownie is inexplicably off. Had the vets out, they found nothing. I’ve been trying to get them back, to no avail. And then she tossed a shoe and the farrier isn’t calling me back. I don’t think I made him mad. I think he’s been paid, too. Go figure. I’ll hop on Swing today and see how she is feeling. Be nice to get her back into the line up. Red is starting to hate the sight of me. Work work work. That’s what happens when your the only pony around with all four feet.

Was gonna bring up Stoner, but he’s waiving a paw in the air now, too. I was really hoping the Abscess God would pick on someone else this year, but apparently not. What sacrifices are necessary to appease the A.G.? Anyone know? Crike. Sometimes this just gets depressing. At least I have Enzo. When I start to feel lousy, I just hug my dog. How can you feel bad with a happy Golden Retriever? I don’t think he’s ever had a bad day in his life. The worst thing that has ever happened to him was missing his daily car ride. Oh, and when Thomas the Cat discovered Enzo wouldn’t chase him if he didn’t run. The barn hasn’t been the same since.

Looking forward to my little trip to Rolex!

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