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So, I wake up and it has snowed again.  Weather channel said this mess would be south of us, but they missed it.  And it was 9 degrees.  I would have given anything to have been able to go back to bed and stay there until April.  Yes, for an ex-New Englander, I have become a total wimp.

So, I went and broke ice and opened up all the waterers again.  I threw hay.  I broke a hose.  Yep.  You heard me correctly, I broke a hose.  This time the farrier called me and cancelled.  Ridiculous weather.  But Saturday is supposed to be 60.  Great.  Run out and take off all the blankets only to run back and try to convince the horses they need to put them back on.  Mud.  Do you have any idea how much reseeding will be going on this spring?  Sigh.

So, really nothing to report, and not much to say.  Wish I could think of something.  At least we still have water and electricity!

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