Broadcasting from Gordonsville!

Yep, Dave (we love Dave) got internet at the new house.  I told you I actually bought  a house?  Yeah, still having nightmares, but whatever.  But Dave got internet at said house so I can now blog whenever I think of something (thanks to Blondie, who sent me the the url).  I don’t have to try and remember what came to mind the night before and then find time to get to the office to type.  The downside is that I will type after dinner.  After dinner is after wine.  I probably won’t remember anything anyway and we will be back to square one.

But here’s what is happening now.  Dave calls me hospice for horses, and this week he might again have reason.  Pete got kicked in the neck (ouch!) and required vet care and stitching; sewn up and spending a couple weeks at the barn.  Then Chick abscesses again (he’s been pretty chronic since he showed up in January,  but manageable) so he is up at the barn now for extra help.  Oof.


Oh thank Dog for drafts and back up! I was sitting here thinking of what else to say and the entire blog disappeared.  I am taking that as a sign, and will go to bed now.







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