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Brown deserves her own post

Brown went back to the lunge line to practice cantering. I wanted to make certain that when I said CANTER! she absolutely, positively knew what I was asking. Flapping like a rabid duck for upward transitions is too much like work, not to mention it looks pretty silly. She gets it alright, but I don’t think she likes cantering. Too fast, she said. She’d canter awhile for me, then I let her come back down to a halt, where she’d stand there with her eyes closed as if saying, “I can’t believe I really did that! Oh my!” She got her legs tangled once, and scared herself. She was cross cantering, then swapped BOTH front and back leads so she was STILL cross cantering, and it was just too much. We had to stop and have a peppermint to recover. But once she gets it, she gets it. Brown really doesn’t forget much. So next step (when it stops raining and isn’t too slippery in the woods) is to let her have a good, long canter uphill behind her good buddy Swing. Once Brown realizes she can do something, she is most happy to try. She’s just much more cautious than her quick-witted friend, Red.

So here are pictures of Brown doing what she absolutely knows she can do. It was very cold and windy the morning Susan Carter came to take pictures, and everyone else ran away with me. Not brownie. She’s cute, isn’t she?

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