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Brown has bragging rights

I totally forgot to tell you about Brown yesterday! Guess what she did? Got clipped! Well, not her whole body, just her head, because quite frankly the girl was looking rather… Hirsute. Kinda like a billy goat, actually. So J3 brought her quiet clippers and we went to work. And guess what? She didn’t care. Stood there like a star. Did her bridle path, too. So I guess all that clipper therapy last summer must have finally sunk in. Or she was butt tired. I mean, she had just finished twenty minutes of work in the ring. At the walk AND the trot! Seriously. Nap time.

So Brownie is the first baby to stand there for clipping like a perfect lady. We’ll save ears for another day. Besides, despite the fact it is 60 degrees and sunny out, it might get cold again, and then she will need furry ears (Yep, that was a dig at all of you freezing your fannies up north. Nanny nanny boo boo).

So, hey, it’s supposed to rain again for the rest of the week. Despite the lovely, sunny day, we are still knee deep in mud. And while I allegedly have about eight grey/white horses, I can’t find any of them. Sometimes I see large pieces of dirt moving, but that’s about it. I think the south has about eight or nine months of summer, then a mud season. Well, when I lived in New Hampshire, I think it was about eight or nine months of winter, then the mud season.

But back to Brownie, the little super star. Walk and Talks start in April, so we will be doing intensive trailer therapy for the next three months. This is the year Brown becomes a big girl; she will be five, after all. We’ve got to plan a coming out party.

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