Brown’s big adventure

Today Brown went on a ride around Montpelier. Mostly we take them in the woods out behind the barn, so this was only her second trip out with the cars, and tractors, and school bus loads of children, race horses training on the track, and oh yes, Keswick Hunt (which is why we didn’t opt for the woods today). I have to say she handled it all very well, but the poor thing was lathered by the time we got back to the barn. Aside from the stress, she’s wearing her winter woollies and it was 65 degrees today. I don’t want you to think I galloped her madly through all of that. Plus the killer chickens. I forgot to mention those. At least the train didn’t go by when we were riding by the tracks (the east gate road runs parallel to the tracks – no, I wasn’t galloping madly nor was I playing chicken with a locomotive). Sensory overload. The racetrack horses were probably the worst (in my opinion, it was the school bus full of kids, but Brown wasn’t too worried about them). We had to trot on by and out of sight of the track before she got over her worries. She was nervous, but really very good. The worst thing she did was spook a little; while fixated on the race track a big, fat fly hit her square between the eyes and startled her. Poor, poor Brown. It’s so hard to be her. She’ll probably sleep well tonight.

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