Brush Ahead

Looks like BA is doing really well! The nasty leg infection has finally burst and drained, and he is SO much happier that he is trotting around and rolling in the mud. Of course, now that he is feeling better, he isn’t so keen on seeing me. Every time I show up it is another shot of penicillin, so now I have been reduced to bribing the horse. I spoke to the vet though (Dr. Dagner has been awesome about taking my calls, calling in meds and monitoring the case), and hopefully on Monday we can switch to an oral medication. BA probably won’t eat it, which will still result in me chasing him around with a syringe, but at least I won’t have to stick him. He has been a model patient. Even when I could see he was really hurting, he never bit or kicked or even made grumpy faces at me. He is such a good guy. Everybody cross your paws for BA!

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