Busy week

Yes, we have been busy.  Monday BREC came out to do teeth.  Tuesday I got to hop on a couple and test the left right stop go controls.  Wednesday I had to make two trips to go pick up three foster horses that were being sent home as their foster parent had sold the farm.  These guys are big and beautiful!  But, they were fostered for a reason.  Had their vet check today, and I sent them out to play with the herd.  Yesterday I got a bit of riding in, bought another hay tarp and new tires for the tractor (and I thought tires for the 250 were expensive!  I stand corrected.  Big time).  Today, vet back for teeth.  Oh!  And while all this was happening, 128 round bales were delivered to the farm.  Whew!  But at least I am no longer panicking over hay for the winter.

Ron and Brooks are busy bush hogging, and clearing and painting fences.  Thankfully, the weather has given us a short break.  82 and low humidity. In July.  In Virginia.  Can you believe it?!?!  I can’t.

Next week is meetings meetings meetings.  Bleh.  A necessary evil.  And more teeth if it can be scheduled.  Best to just get that done and out of the way so my ponies can get good and fat before winter.  Not that they aren’t.  You should see some of these pork chops!  But February comes, and they melt.  Then grass shows up in March – they get fat.  Heat in August, thin again.  Rain in September, fat.  I used to panic, but now I just see nature at work.  As long as they are healthy, I am happy.  And I try not to stress about it.

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