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Chiro, rain, stuff

Okay, Reggie and T got a visit from the chiropractor yesterday.  Reggie’s SI was seriously knocked out of joint (probable cause: T).  After his adjustment he seemed much more comfortable, so we are going back to the very long and low work.  Not R’s favorite, as he prefers to watch birds.  And everything else.

Mr. Chiro is pretty convinced T had a wreck on the track, or at least some time before I got him, because his neck/withers/thoracic keep locking up. Yes, I have checked the tack.  He hates bits, too, and we have checked the teeth and jaw.   We have checked everything!  But, since he has been almost friendly this past week, I think the ulcer meds really have helped his disposition.  He’s still a lazy, no work ethic bum, but an almost friendly one.  We are getting somewhere.  Slowly.

So on to the rain.  Yes, we did need some precipitation, but does it have to be so cold?  The horses don’t mind the cold.  They don’t mind the rain. They don’t even seem that unhappy when it is blisteringly hot out, but add rain to cold and they are just miserable.  Poor things.  I hate doing field checks in this weather (not that I get wet, I can drive the little ranger and turn on the heat and listen to the radio these days).  They stand there shivering, butts to the wind, heads down.  I go home and feel guilty all night.

So on to Thanksgiving.  I didn’t realize it was the day after tomorrow.  I have a tendency to blank out holidays.  They are annoying.  The only good one is Fourth of July, because we get to blow stuff up and no one calls the cops.  No food requirements or guilt associated with that holiday at all, so it’s the only one I celebrate.  However, I am on the hook for desserts this year.  I am baking two pies I have never tried before and experimenting on Dave’s family.  I might send them with Dave and claim I have to work, thereby avoiding the fallout if they are no good.  Although, one of them is a chocolate pecan pie, which is basically sugar coated sugar.  Hard to go too wrong with that.

I will let you know how it goes (both with the horses and the pies).

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  1. Anna says:

    Have a good Thxgiving Day in any case!

    We had the rain as well but it was warm down here; now its the back side of the front and its starting to get chilly. Hopefully the sun will return.

    I’m trying out a new tart for tomorrow myself — the folks are down from up North for the week — using the lemons from our tiny lemon tree that almost burst itself putting out fruit! I’m sure your chocolate pecan pie (yummmmy) will be a hit!



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