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Our wonderful chiropractor was back on the east coast, and agreed to swing by and adjust Angus.  Angus was like riding a surf board.  Nothing between the ears and the tail bent at all.   Much like the show hunters I have ridden (sorry, show hunter people, but if you ever ever ever get a chance to sit on an upper level dressage horse, do it!  It’s like riding freaking horse wheelies!  But I digress).  After his adjustment, he was just fine!  Amazing the difference.  I am totally sold on chiropractic, for myself and the horses.  In fact, the horses have been a great barometer of my flexibility: if every horse I sit on suddenly finds it impossible to bend to the right, it is probably not the horses’ problem…  Anyway, looking forward to getting back on Angus.

Smash did his first solo hack, and I was very proud of him!  Especially since we got passed by the train.  It’s one thing to listen to it from the other end of the field, quite another when it roars by not 20 feet from you!  His heart was pounding, and he jigged a bit, but that was all.  My little guy just kept on going.  What a star.

Speaking of stars, I yanked Sassy Lad back out of the field last week so he could get chiro, too, as I thought he had a back issue.  Apparently, it is hocks (which somehow manage to tie directly into the back, go figure).  Cool.  Joint supplements, coming up.  But what I wanted to say was that after about two years in a field, I tacked him up, he remembered everything, and hacked out solo like he’d been doing it every day.  Now that’s an awesome trail horse, people!  If I can’t find Sass a home, I just don’t know.  It doesn’t get better than that.



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  1. Anna says:

    Are we going to get to see your new bunch of “folks”? I’ve seen Angus but I don’t recall any pics of Sassy Lad on your web site…


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