Bah. I’m an idiot. Sandy showed me how to get horses onto the adoptable page, and yesterday it looked like I had it. Today, I can’t even find the beastly Advanced Stettings button to go in and wrap text! Maybe it’s just brain block, because I hate sitting in the office. If I can’t remember, guess I don’t have to do it, right?

Anyway, another cold, rainy day, so not much else going on. The grass is growing, and the horses are all gaining tons of weight, which is good, but if it doesn’t stop raining we can’t get the bushhog out there. Then we will look untidy. Don’t want that. But I guess it beats getting the tractor stuck in the mud.

Got a call into the farrier. He’s coming next Monday, at precisely five weeks, but another pony tossed a shoe, so I guess we aren’t going to make five weeks this time of year. Gets costly. Guess Sue better get out there and raise more money (sorry Sue, but you opted not to stand in the rain or shovel poop with me, so you get option #2. Lord knows I can’t do it).

And that’s about it. Horses fed, horses checked, all well except the shoe. Tony and Roy will go back into “work” soon. Enzo, of course, is perfect.

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  1. Anna says:

    We had a 3 day Nor-Eastern down here — now its cool & sunny and we are loving every tiny second of it because it will be into the high 80s by the end of the week — here comes summer!

    Technology is great when it cooperates.

  2. KWilkins says:

    I think technology hates me.

  3. Sandy says:

    Well it would have been nice if I sent you some documentation. Which I will get to you I promise. Technology doesnt hate you. But, the weather hasn’t been treating you too well!


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