Crike, it’s cold!

Single digits again all week.  I have to bust open the waterers every morning and evening.  I usually have a line of thirsty ponies waiting for me.  Got blankets on the old guys.  AND I can’t blog from home.  Dave’s computer and the website evidently hate each other.   It just doesn’t work.

So, I called and cancelled the farrier, which he appreciated.  He said he was trying to shoe another horse, and put the nails in his mouth as usual, but they all froze to his tongue.  I really wish I had a picture of that.

Ron seems to have solved the frozen pipes issue, as it hasn’t been anywhere near 32 in a week, and we still have water!  Yay Ron!

And I will be wearing tank tops this spring as I am getting great muscles flailing around with a digging bar twice a day.  Those things are heavy!

So, we are sort of in “just survive this stinking weather” mode.  Nobody comes to visit, or play with the ponies.  The ponies are pretty cranky and don’t really want to be messed with right now, anyway, so that’s fine.  Can’t ride, so no tack to clean.  I tidied up the office a little bit, but I’m not even going to start the bathroom at the other barn, as it is full of frozen hoses, buckets and blankets thawing out.  Smells great.

Spring is coming, right?  But I’m tellin’ ya, if that bloody rodent sees his shadow next month, he’s stew meat.  Just saying.


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  1. Diana says:

    I am with you on the “stew meat” and I am a vegetarian. What amazes me is how 5 degrees above 0 starts to feel warm after all those nights of putting out extra hay at 15 degrees below zero.

  2. Anna says:

    I’m sure you have no sympathy for us down here but tomorrow & Wednesday we have a forecast of ice and possibly snow! Which means most folks in this county won’t be out on the streets…hopefully. I must be the only person in the county that owns a snow shovel which we brought with us from Virginia! LOL


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