Dead batteries

Sun hasn’t come out in a few days: I’m running on empty. My dog is filthy and he stinks. That’s what I get for letting him swim in a pond. Good thing it is summer and I can roll down the windows.

Brown and Red seem better and are back in light work. Neither the vet with all her fancy equipment nor I could find anything wrong, so we came up with that wonderful, general diagnosis so often used: “Did Something Stupid In The Field.” Probably a muscle strain or something. Anyway, a little R&R did them well.

We have a new field here, too. We did a little swapping with Montpelier, and now have another 20 acres or so. The run in and fence need a bit of attention, but then it will be good to go.

Well, okay. My volunteer cancelled on me, so I guess Stink Dog and I will go clean tack. Still have to pick stalls. Brought everybody in this morning for their grooming, but had to run to town for supplies and gas. Always something, right? But honestly, if you can’t find anything to do at a barn, you really aren’t looking very hard. Or at all. When all else fails, there is always the war on spiders.

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