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Did I mention?

That it has been raining quite a lot down here in Virginia? Yeah, it has. Solid for the last three days and we are under water and there are flood warnings for practically the entire state (unless, of course, you live on one of those “mountains”). Yesterday morning all of my black barn ponies were at the gate, screaming to come inside (I suppse standing in the rain for 48 hours in December will dampen even the most ardent outdoorsman’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors), so I put them all in.

Spent all day cleaning stalls.

Didn’t bother to put them out last night as it was coming down even harder than it was in the morning. Besides, they were predicting a 40 degree drop in the temperature and 2 to 4 inches of snow. Lovely. Didn’t happen, fortunately, just a few extra inches of water. So Dave had to bring me back to the barn around 9 last night to clean more stalls (I can’t drive in the rain at night – I’m blind as a bat). And Moon got sick anyway, despite the fact he was in a stall with a blanket on. Sigh. That horse really hates retirement.

Can’t wait to see what the field ponies look like this morning. They don’t mind the cold as long as there is hay. They don’t like the heat much, but do pretty well. Toss in rain and everything goes all to – well, you know where it goes. They can’t maintain body heat. I’ve got blankets on the thinner ones (that will now have to dry out in 36 degree weather? Don’t think so) to help them a bit. But I can’t blanket 70 horses. It’s just so hard to see them like this. I’m probably more upset about it than they are, but still.

Well, off to assess the damage (Ron gets to check fences, I’ll take the horses), then clean more stalls.

Oh, my ark is coming along nicely. It needs a name, though, so I am instituting a naming contest. Who has a suggestion?

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