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Don’t really know what to say about the visit

The woman who wanted a trail horse showed up looking for a dressage horse. I could have saved her the trouble. Cecil wouldn’t budge for her, and she darn near fell off Dave twice. I wouldn’t let her off the lunge line. Oh well. Some days are like that, but we tried.
I think several of my “sick bay” ponies are sound enough to go back out to their respective fields. Whew! That takes five off the injured list! Frees up a bunch of time so J3 and I can get back on the girls and remind them that at four, they still have careers ahead of them that don’t involve 24 hours a day of eating and play. Neither of them were too keen on going back to work yesterday. Gator isn’t limping, but still seems footsore (turns out she had an abscess up front and two behind). I’ll just walk her around until she gets her happy face back. Soon, I hope, as hunting season is slipping by. At least the good part. I am a fair weather hunter, and don’t see the point of sitting on a horse to freeze slowly, or drown in a downpour while ruining my tack. If it isn’t fun, why bother?

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