Enzo won’t get out of the truck

I am sooo very glad I went to get those horses yesterday! It snowed last night and is supposed to snow again tonight. They hopped right on the trailer though, and rode well. Unloaded like ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes a plan really does come together.

Jeanne is on her way out to Montpelier this morning to try and help me identify our other new arrivals. Got the horses just fine, but no descriptions! Just a list of names! Okay, a challenge. I accept. Going to hit pedigree query and see if I can’t at least find color, age and sex. If they aren’t listed, I will have to find JC records. Well, something to do on a really cold, snowy day, anyway. I was getting tired of cleaning tack.

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  1. Rocky says:

    You’re a saint. I have two TRF horses in SW VA, along with 2 others, and winter just makes life difficult sometimes…especially since the first month of it was so unseasonably warm. You have an entire herd, and I trust you know how much it means to those OTTBs to have that facility and each of you. Thanks!


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