Exciting Friday news!

Are you ready for this? Today’s adventure involves – wait for it – rabid groundhogs! Yeah! So anyway, my beautiful, fluffy Golden Retriever Enzo and I arrive at the barn this morning for chorses. One of us, and I’m not naming names, was seriously caffeine deficient. And yeah, it is still raining. Well, it was raining at 7 am. It is now a downpour. Anyway, all of a sudden, as I am dishing out breakfast, I hear all sorts of barking. I look up and count: one cat, two cats, all accounted for (cat check due to the fact that Enzo is a professional cat-chaser. Not a cat-catcher mind you (he stinks at catching, but as he was quick to point out, much like being a wide receiver or a tight end, catchers and chasers are NOT the same and should never be confused)). So what’s he barking at? I poke my head out of the feed room and see much bouncing and leaping and barking (the Run Cat Run technique he has been perfecting) and a large, brown, furry rodent. Oh dear. They don’t wander up to the barn, and they don’t hang around when threatened. I call Zo off, and he’s okay with that, the furry thing not being a real cat (just practicing, mom, honest) and go see. It doesn’t move, so I grab a pitchfork and chase it into a stall. I’ve called the Montpelier Rodent Removal Squad. Waiting on an update.

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