Okay, total loading failure today. Spent three hours trying, and the darn mare just flat out refused. Over the last year I’ve tried the feed on the trailer routine. I’ve tried the work until you drop or get on the trailer routine. I’ve tried the nice, “Here’s your treat, Pony” routine. I’ve tried the “I will wack your backside until you go forward” routine.

Today I just ran out of time, or I’d have stayed there until she fell over from exaustion. Is there an H in that word? I have not yet tried “You can only have water if you get on the (*&%$#@ trailer bit yet, but I’m just about there.

I thought with the new, open stock trailer she’d be much more inclined to give it a try, but nope. She put on the mule ears and the stubborn face and gave me the hoof. Wasn’t gonna do it, no way no how. And she isn’t frightened or worried. She isn’t upset in the least. Just will not. And yes, I did give her a bit of ace at one point (not today), but that just made it worse. She fought twice as hard, got me hurt, and still didn’t get anywhere near the freaking trailer.

I’ve tried to explain to her that her only chance at a happy life is to get on the trailer and go to a nice new home, because if she is still here August first I fully intend to shoot her, but she ain’t buying it. I just don’t know.

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  1. solvit says:

    You could try betting some other horseman a sum of money that they won’t be able to load the horse. That has worked for me in the past. Said horse will walk right on for them.

  2. kim wilkins says:

    Now that’s an idea!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Have you tried loading a buddy or two on before her? Then rewarding her with some treats?

    • KWilkins says:

      Yep. Been there, done that. Many, many times. I’m seriously considering just pushing her in with the tractor at this point.


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