Finally something happened!

It was a nice day so J3 and I actually got on horses. Not only that, but Reg (Regent Spirit) and Roy (Wild and Royal) did their first rides “out of ring.” Dunny and Teddy officiated (babysat). While both started off very nervous and snorty (I was a little concerned, on Roy, because the steering mechanism has been faulty (nonexistent) and I was unsure if the most recent patch would hold, but it did. Except once. We had to pull off the road to let cars go by, and poor Roy couldn’t figure out how to get off the grass and back on the pavement. Good thing nothing really happened (except a very perplexed horse, dancing in place, staring at the hardtop) because I’d have fallen off, I was starting to giggle so much. The possibility exists that Ol’ Roy is none too bright. Dunny came and rescued us, and after that, City Boy never put hoof off pavement again. Waaaay too scary.

Reggie’s biggest success was actually walking like a real horse by the end of the ride! He’s got this thing, now that he understands I want his head down, and not in my face, where he bunches up really tightly, and moves his feet up and down rather than forward. So the faster he wants to go (or the more I urge him forward) the faster his feet start flying. But we go nowhere. Just like one of those, what do you call them? Paso Finos! Have you ever gone to a Paso show and listened to them run on the boards? Hilarious. Reggie thinks he’s a Paso. Good news is, if I fall off, it will almost be from a standstill. BUT! By the end of the walk he had totally caught on to the whole forward idea (if one can call Teddy “forward. His favorite pace is the halt. Duuuuude). But his head was out and down and he was doing a four beat walk. Hooray! Hacking is so good for them. Yeah, we have to do ring work (because left, right and especially stop are so good for me), but going out is more fun.

Well, today is sleet and rain day, so I’ve packed the truck full of tack (again! How often does one have to clean all this stuff!), and I’m going to try and get the woodstove lit again before the pipes freeze. Sigh. Ron has everything – heat and electric – running at the barn (and water! Thank you Ron!) so we are safe here.

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