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First day of summer

And Dog! Did it show up with a vengeance! I’ve got ten horses in the barn under fans, and they are sweating! I feel really sorry for the field ponies. I’d feel more sorry if they were smart enough to stand in the shade or go play in the huge puddle I refuse to have fixed (probably a broken water pipe) for precisely this reason. They love playing in the mud. But if the dummies want to stand out in the sun and suffer, not a lot I can do to change their minds.

So, really good news about Dunny. I’m starting to figure him out. I think he’s A) a bit cold backed (every time I put the saddle on he bites the walls), and B) he’s a one human horse. I have to lunge him a few minutes before I get on, but if I do, mounting is no problem at all. And he is starting to wear his happy face when I show up. So I told J3 I’d work with him for a while before we start trading off. Besides, TRF pays my insurance to do this sort of thing. Busting up volunteers is not high on my list.

Only got two ridden this morning, as volunteers showed up, and then the hay showed up (had to help unload that. Yep, 98 degrees, in the loft, playing with hay. Gotta love it). By the time I finished, it was really too hot to ride. If I had a bad horse, I’d have gotten on. They don’t have the energy to be bad when it is 98 degrees and almost that in humidity. But these boys have started being really good, so I don’t want them to look at me and say, “Honey, you are even worse than the track! At least there we worked early, before it got hot!” And since all I’m really doing with them is left, right, stop, turn on the forehand, I’m pretty certain it can wait until tomorrow. Morning. Supposed to be even hotter on Thursday.

Also, I’ve discovered that to have a shirt cleaned and pressed in town costs $1.85. The iron is going in the trash, baby!

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  1. Anna says:

    Dear K
    Know exactly what high 90s plus heat index is like!! Spend more time sluicing off the sweat on horses than riding July to September here. Just the flip-flop of cold winter months up north. We invest in fans big time, but our horses are in during the daytime & go out at night, with bug spray but atleast it’s manageable. And we clip if it gets too much.

    I must say that we are enjoying the mid-80s right now as much as possible — a very cool June for SE GA.

    I’ve been through Orange, VA on my way to Charlottesville — do you still have that little puddle-jumper airport outside of town? I secretly long for a librarian/archivist job at Montpelier — ah well maybe closer to retirement…


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