Flash gets a B minus

I might have told you I have been taking Flash to pony land for trail rides.  Bull Run Hunt held a big trail ride at pony land, so I put Flash on the trailer to see if he could keep his cool with 30 other horses.  The answer:  mostly.

He was a little nervous with all the others as we waited for everyone to get on and get moving, but becka had brought out his security pony (Linus has a blanket, Flash has a 12 hand Choctaw pony) and he felt better when he saw her.  So, all is well until we trot a tree limb.  Now, this limb is basically a ground pole au naturel, but it caused a meltdown.  Which, I am pleased to say, did not last long and he regained self control.  In the two hours we were out, he only had three meltdowns.  No one was injured and I didn’t fall off.  We almost caused Fiona to take a dive off of her three year old who was WAY more upset about the ride than Flash, but Fiona can ride the heck out of anything, so I wasn’t too concerned.

All the things I thought would upset Flash (aka Caitlin Gump) didn’t phase him in the least.  Fiona’s baby crying all the way around? Nope.  Other horses jumping? Nope. The stream we played in? He had a good drink and splash.  He simply invented his own (undisclosed) reasons for intermittent meltdowns.  Apparently, they are required every thirty five minutes.  I will never figure out what makes this horse tick.


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