Flash has soloed!

Actually, I just popped into the office to update my foot list (who was trimmed/shod) and to look for my sunglasses (found ’em), but since I am here I will give you an update.

Flash did his first solo trip around Montpelier!  I am so proud of him.  It has taken awhile, but he finally agreed I might be a responsible adult (fooled him too!) and that I wasn’t going to lie to him (he was right on that count).  He was terrific, and wonderfully brave.  At one point he said he had gone far enough and was not going to cross the next bridge, wanted to go home now.  All I did was say “backwards not an option, son.”  Actually, all I did was sit there and allow him to back into the fence, and then backwards really wasn’t an option.  So, over the bridge, around the pond, head for home.  Even when the train came by he wasn’t upset.  Flash: “Excuse to trot?”   Kim: “No.”  Flash:  “Sigh.  Fine.”  I really like this horse much more than I should.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why his adopters didn’t like him.  Just didn’t suit, I guess.

So, polar vortex.  66 degrees now.  It will be 25 in the morning.  What??  Who thought this up?  I have been scrubbing horses clean all week in preparation for the blanketing that will follow a forty degree temperature drop.  Of course, after I bathe them, they immediately throw themselves into the dirt and wallow, negating my best efforts and intentions.  I guess you really just can’t be nice to some people.  Hopefully I got enough dirt away from the skin to avoid blanket rubs.  Show sheen helps.

In fact, I love show sheen.  Makes clipping easy, keeps tails from tangling and burr free, and it prevents blanket rubs.  Nice.

I hope everyone else is prepped for winter, as it appears winter starts tomorrow no matter what the calendar says.


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  1. Anna says:

    Us too! My palomino is grey from sleeping in the dirt & to get away from the sand gnats, which are bad this time of year. Tomorrow it will be Chil-ly Beans so I will also be cleaning them up tonight & giving bran mash. No blanketing though.


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