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For the longest time nothing happens

And suddenly, all sorts of interesting things are going on. Feast or famine, isn’t that what it is.

To start with, cicadas are everywhere, and they are deafening. Sounds like a non-stop air raid down here. I was cleaning tack yesterday, and found one on my head. Okay, they are pretty big and ugly, but I can deal with them OUTSIDE. to find one crawling on my head was a little much, but I didn’t freak as badly as Jeffy did with the snake.

You remember me telling you about Jeff, The Horse With No Brain? Well, he is retired now, but still up at the Black Barn as he is a good baby-sitter. Today J3 and I got back from our hack, and Jeff is totally freaking out in his stall. He is huffing to beat all, and spinning around and flattening himself against walls and pawing… Okay, I investigate, as would anyone. I look over the door, see nothing. Figure, I had better just put him outside, grab a halter and go in to get him. There was about a four foot black snake sitting on his hay in the corner. Startling, yes, but really no reason to completely lose one’s cool over. I bet that horse never eats hay again.

Next: Trail ride debut for Reggie and Roy. We had spent Friday in trailer therapy, so loading on Saturday went very nicely. Except as soon as we started to move, Reg broke his halter and reversed his position. Okay, so he likes to ride backwards. Whatever (to those of you not in the know, I have a stock trailer, so that feat can actually be accomplished by a 16 hand thoroughbred without much difficulty). It probably posed more of an inconvenience to his larger trailer mate, who was trying to play by the rules.

So we get there, tack up, all is going pretty well. Reg is a little nervous, as is Roy, but it is their first trail ride off property with unfamiliar horses. I expect nervous. They were well-behaved nervous, and even stood to be mounted (yay, all my standing around saying, “No, really, this is TRAINING.” actually paid off). And off we went!

Roy walked. Roy sticks his tongue out when he’s confused or nervous, but he walked. Reg can canter in place! Honestly though, his piaffe needs better hock action to place well. But Reg leads. I’m not certain if he is very brave or just freaking oblivious, but he was much happer out front.

Except for the stream crossing. But that comes after the tree. I get ahead of myself.

So after going up, up, up (Reg piaffing and poor Roy puffing) we get to go down, down, down. This is where the “trail” sort of failed us. It was more of a washed-out rocky gully (but if you know any foxhunters, they”re like, “Who cares? I’m not getting hit in the face with trees!”). Roy drew the line at down. I said, “Roy! It’s just like Man from Snowy River! Sit on your butt and slide!” I think Roy said something similar to “screw you” and did what any horse would do in his situation: he jumped in a tree. Yep. I got my horse stuck in a tree. Some things happen too fast and are just too hard to explain, but I got my horse stuck in a tree, and I’m leaving it there.

We did get down though, and made it to the Uncrossable Stream. Reg took the lead from Charlie’s horse, and jumped. Roy said something similar to “screw you, you got me stuck in a tree” and did not jump. It wasn’t that big a stream; I managed to jump it when I had to get off and show him how it was done. Anyway, that obstacle overcome, it was plain sailing back to the trailers. Horses loaded, hauled home, zero injury to any party involved, I count it as a good day.

So, Monday, Dave and I go to pick up hay. It was being cut as the hay buyers showed up, and everyone drove around the field and picked up the bales as they fell off the baler. We met Becca on her way out as we were on our way in, and asked if she would drive while we loaded. Sure. Super. Except Becca (who had just run and won a 5k race that morning) was not content to drive. She’d stop at a couple bales, get out, run ahead, stack several, and run back to the truck. Where do these people get that kind of energy!?!??!?! I seriously want to know, because it is all I can do to haul my butt around normal activities. Even my dog won’t run anymore (Enzo is fine, by the way, thanks for asking). He makes me drive him everywhere! Yeesh. So now I feel wholly inadequate; I ride horses up trees and can barely stack hay. And I have a fat dog (No! He’s just fluffy!). Sigh. Okay, hopefully Dave is home getting dinner going, so I’m outta here. Hopefully more fun stuff will happen soon.

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  1. Anna says:

    Isn’t that the way with living with horses? Feast, famine, or vet calls. We’re sitting out a few weeks with a distal check ligament (getting better); riding the other horse who’s a bit round, so am a tad stiff. Soon it will be too hot to ride even in the late morning — early morning the gnats & skeetos can be scooped up in a bucket. Ah well, time to re-arrange the tack room & give it a good cleaning.

  2. Ingrid Kingaard says:

    Your are too funny, and very brave, I might add. I am not so sure I would have let the horse in a tree incident roll off my back quite that easily. I have a retired Trakhehner who has legs as big as tree trunks, the most awesome “stuffed animal” face you have ever seen and a heart of gold….will NOT cross water no matter how many carrots you offer, but he does spook in slo mo. He is content teaching little girls to ride now…and he does that well. My competition mare is a WB/TB cross and will jump anything, but I leave that to those who actually ride jumpers…I ride dressage. I am in California (San Luis Obispo – Central Coast), so I don’t have to deal with the cicadas. Snakes…sometimes. Love what you do. I have a “fluffy” dog, too (“Biscuit”) and a neurotic Beagle (“Lucy”). Say “hey” to Enzo for me.

  3. Diane Davis says:

    Roy stuck in a tree, I see a children’s book in the works….
    Kim, hope you are doing well. I will be back for the Barn Tour so hopefully I will get over to see you and Roy!


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