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Freaky weather

Snowing again today. I’ve got a picture I’ll try to upload (sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and I don’t think I do anything different). It’s Gator having breakfast in the snow, and Enzo (my best little buddy) hoping to sneak in there for a bite (dogs eat horse food? Yeah, dogs eat anything. Poop. Road kill. Gross, actually).

So, when the snow stops the rain is supposed to begin. I’m just guessing that there will be no riding going on today. Errands. Filing. Tack cleaning. Coffee drinking. The usual bad weather activities. Dog petting. Oh yeah, I didn’t have the truck in 4 wheel drive this morning and almost took out a pony barn at the bottom of the hill. Missed it, but only just. That’ll wake you up!

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  1. KWilkins says:

    Huh. Where’d the picture go?

  2. KWilkins says:

    Hah! I did it! Now if I can just remember how for next time…

  3. Bobbie Hall says:

    My Bear looks like that and he will eat anything that doesn’t eat him first unless his sister is guarding it. She is quite good at putting him in his place. We don’t have a farm but we have a bit of wildlife and the happy snack around here is rabbit droppings. We went hiking on a trail that a lot of riders use once and Bear thought the horse poop was a specially prepared lunch!

    The snow is pretty, we didn’t get any to speak of this year. Thought I hated it but when it didn’t come I realized I don’t, I miss it.


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