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Game called on account of rain

Everybody bailed on me this morning! It was raining, and even the farrier called and said he’d reschedule (what I wouldn’t give for a centre aisle barn with a hay loft). So, New guys did not get front shoes today, and the round pen (which is grass on red clay, and on a slight slope) is now too slippery to use. Sooooo. I either skip the preliminaries and just climb on board (not much I can do without shoes, but then again, if they can’t steer, not much I will be doing, anyway), OR POSTPONE ROUND PEN WORK FOR A FEW DAYS. sHOES ON fRIDAY NOW. Ooops. The dreaded caps lock got me again. Hate when that happens. Probably should have taken that typing class in middle school. When I went off to an all girls’ school, we were being prepped for bigger and better things, and it was just assumed we’d all have underlings to do our typing for us… So I just want to know: where’s my **** underling?! And while I’m on the subject, why don’t I have a housekeeper?

So, I am leaning towards just climbing onboard. They all seem to have pretty good attitudes, except the grey, who still thinks I should only pop out of the kitchen when called, and best be holding a beer when I do. Not that he’s bad. He just isn’t certain bipeds serve any useful function. Who can blame him? I am rather of that opinion myself.

So. Okay, people out there actually do read this stuff. Cool. You all should weigh in now and again so I don’t feel like I am shouting into a void. I like hearing stories, like the old mare who thinks she should get her pedicure while reclining in a much more comfortable position. And Lisa, if you are going to put this on national, please pick a blog where I am not whining too badly. How about the potato on fire? That was pretty funny, actually, except for stinking up my house.

Oh! And someone may be interested in Tony already! I have to get video of him (yep, pouring rain, covered in mud, and ouching barefoot over the gravel drive is going to make a huge impression, especially when i am both leading and videoing at the same time. I should do it anyway and post it here so you all can have a good laugh).

Well, it is 3:30, and I have to get busy with night check. See ya.

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