Gator and Tater

Matching names and matching abscesses: right front and three-legged lame. I thought I had Tater’s done with, but it didn’t completely drain. Opened it up again and soaked it. Again. Gator is just in a bad way. You know, this year not only have I had more abscesses (waaaay more) than any other year, but they have all been significantly worse. Really, really bad. The kind that require vets and farriers. And xrays. We’re talkin’ bad-I-think-my-horse-broke-its-leg bad.

So, not much riding going on. Jeanne and I take turns riding Swing.

Red is going to be very fit soon. She is so fat (I swear she’s part pony – no Thoroughbred is this much of an easy keeper) I’m worried about founder and I’ve put her back in the dry lot (aka the riding ring). She gets a few little wisps of hay. When she had that cold and I was giving her SMZs in a bit of grain, the grain went straight to her little pony head and blew her brains out both ears. So, lesson learned: feeding Red is not only completely unecessary, it is inadviseable. Oooh! She was hot! Darn near jumped out of her own skin (and all over mine). So, um, yeah, when she went back to work we lunged her for a few days. Just until she could actually think again. Which brings me back to the fit angle. Just a little digression. Anyway, she’s been walking and trotting the fenceline for days. Hopefully good for her figure, too. I should try it… Nah. Just kidding.

Well, that’s the news from Montpelier. Hunting season is officially underway, and poor Swing has gone from emergency back up pony to The Main Mare. And if anyone ever gets over their mare phobia and adopts her, I’ll be walking. She’s really doing very well, and learning to carry herself properly and jump. She’s very brave and can trail ride solo. No vices, easy to work around. She really should find her own pet human. I can’t afford to adopt any more.

Okay, now that’s really all the news from Montpelier. I’m going to go clean stalls and soak feet now.

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