Glorious day

You know, some days I really can’t believe I actually get paid to do this job. Ever have a day when everything is just perfect? (Except for getting up at 5 am – not a morning person) I got to the barn, tacked my mare, she loaded like a champ in the dark. I’m thinking, “Fabulous omen – this is gonna be great! Of course, I head for the wrong fixture. Seriously, I could get lost in the bathtub. No sense of direction whatsoever.

I figure out my mistake, turn around and arrive at he meet as everyone is riding out. The field master runs up and tells me to head for the cornfield and gallops off. I throw a bridle on Gator (the mare no one wanted because she was short and/or female despite the fact she tries her little heart out and is just a blast to ride. And sound. So phooey to all of those people – I adopted her and she just rocks the hunt field) and catch up in short order. What fun. I got to chat with all the people I haven’t seen since closing meet (when I rode Lindy’s very, very wide mare and crippled myself for days. The human body was never meant to move or be stretched in certain directions, I believe).

Then I get home about 9:30, and J3 is there ready to ride. I know Tony G from Keswick came and cleared all the trails for their hunt on Friday, so I say, “Let’s go explore.” And we did. We took Red and Brown (the first time the two have been out alone together; we usually take a babysitter – you never know what monsters may be lurking) and went and got lost. Seems to be a theme with me. We found all sorts of new trails, and the two greenies were just wonderful. They took turns leading and we ran all over the place. We even hopped a log!

Then we took Swing (of previous fame) and Jeffy out to test the other new trails. Wonderful. Everyone was so very good. I was so proud of them. So, I rode from 7 am to 3 pm, breaking only to change ponies. The weather was perfect, and as we got off the last set the skies opened up and we got a good soaking (grow, grass, grow!).

Now I’ve got to go feed and finish up, as I promised Dave I’d take him to dinner.

And Sandy, cubbing, as opposed to clubbing, involves no alcohol or pick up lines. We save that for the regular season. 🙂

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