Suddenly it is gnat season. It seems like in the last 24 hours, gnats and flies have appeared out of nowhere. Nasty creatures. Do they serve any purpose whatsoever? Driving me and the horses crazy.

And yes, I had to cancel Tamio as it absolutely POURED down rain all Friday. So I’m falling behind on feet. Rats. I had everything up to date and going great, and POOF! The usual. Oh well, regroup, new plan, move on. We did get some more teeth floated however. And I got to walk the ponies into the barn and back to the field in a freaking downpour. Luckily, it was a pretty warm day, so aside from being soaked through, it wasn’t that bad. Well, it would have been better if the plastic bags I had on my feet hadn’t failed. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Saturday, as promised, I loaded Tony and Roy onto the trailer and took them to the farm tour. Roman and I spent almost an hour digging them out of the mud to put them on the trailer, and can you just guess what they did as soon as I took them off? You got it: rolled in the mud. So, they were filthy and for some reason, smelled like a swamp. Very nice. It also started pouring again, as soon as I had them unloaded. I was freezing and cursing the weatherman who had predicted sunny and 80, when the rain finally stopped. Turned out to be a pretty good day. Tony and Roy had fun people watching and people training. They probably ate four pounds of peppermints that day and came home with a sugar buzz. I don’t think there wasn’t a soul there that wasn’t conned into feeding the boys once they turned on the charm.

Good thing Jeanne Moon (technically Jeanne2, but the horse wound up being Jeanne2, so Jeanne3 is really Jeanne4, but who’s counting?) came along. We had tons of visitors, and she was great help chatting up, tearing down and loading Roy (who decided another trailer ride was not in his immediate future). Thanks Jeanne, whatever number you are.

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  1. Anna says:

    Agreed! We’re through the gnat stage, on to the deer flies & horse flies now. sigh.


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