Going to build an ark

Okay. the weather has indeed been lovely all weekend, and the high winds did help dry us out considerably. But as last Thursday and Friday were a deluge (some places got 5 inches in an hour – the pond here at Montpelier overflowed during that one hour), and more rain is expected, I think I’ll just build myself an ark. Not too big, I only need to get a couple dogs on there, and maybe a horse or two. And my comfy chair and favorite pillow. I guess Dave might like to come along, but he can’t bring the tv. There won’t be much horse racing to watch with all that water, anyway. The only really downside to all this is that last time I went out on a boat, I got really sick. I mean desperately sick. I spent so many hours heaving over the side that my ribs were sore for days (we went deep sea fishing – not like they could have dropped me off anywhere). Once we were safely back on land, Dave asks when I want to go out again, to which I replied, “Right after we try sky diving. I haven’t ruined a good pair of underwear in ages.” Remind me to tell you the whole story sometime.

Ron has been bush hogging like crazy (anybody outside of VA still mowing their lawn? I won’t have time this week, besides, Ron is repairing the mower deck, but mowing needs to be done again). The fall races are coming up, and everything has to look pretty for the public. And we are playing catch up.

Sue has been busy getting sponsors for our field maintenance project. Hopefully the place will get a good dose of lime (take that, weeds!)

Some girls from St. Anne’s – Belfield school in Charlottesville came out on Sunday to help groom and pull burrs. Peter and Marty really hammed it up for them. I offered to put Peter on the bus home with them, but they declined. Something about student responsibility for cleaning the vehicle or something. I don’t know. What’s a couple gallons of urine when you get a pet as much fun as Petey? He would have gotten on, too. Next time.

Well, seems like all the horses are succumbing to abscesses. Now Red is iffy. Brown was better, but I never saw an exit, and now she’s iffy again. Jeff is definitely lame. Gator got the weirdest reaction to a tick bite that I’ve ever seen. That leaves Swing. Poor Swing. If the tick bite does not subside by Friday, Swing may be the horse of choice for opening meet (which means she will definitely spend all night trying to remove as many shoes as possible).

I guess that’s the news from Montpelier. Good thing my mom kept lying to me and made me take those swimming lessons (you finish them this summer honey, and I swear you won’t have to take any next year. Uh huh. I got my life saving certificate, and was only spared WSI by running away and joining the Army. Not the navy).

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