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Good morning

My feet are wet. My feet are wet because nowadays, when I have to get out of bed, it is dark. I am entirely solar powered (well, caffeine helps, too), so not very functional before my second cup of coffee and the sun comes up. I forgot my boots, and went to work in the house shoes. At least I am clothed and not wearing slippers.
So, yes, it is raining again. My volunteers cancelled. All my outdoor projects, and there are many, are on hold again. I am so far behind on weed control and mowing. Monday, the weather guys (lying jerks) said no rain until possibly Tuesday night. So I went out and sprayed weeds. For those of you who do this regularly, you know that the poison must sit on the plants for about 24 hours to be truly effective if it is only 75 degrees out (in August? In Virginia? Really?). Guess what? It poured Monday night. And Tuesday morning. And here it is Wednesday, and yes, still raining. I could have thrown that money in the toilet for all the good I did. Crap. Actually, I woke up Tuesday, saw the rain and said something far worse. Poor Dave jumped up and brought me coffee, probably to make certain I wasn’t cussing him. Worked, too. Dave is wonderful. And he makes great coffee (which he makes the night before and sets the timer so it is ready before I even manage to get vertical. Self defense, I’m thinking).
So, I’m sitting here in the office, looking at the leather halters up on the wall and thinking I could take them all down and clean them. But to do that I have to drive to the other barn, get the ladder and cleaning stuff, and come back up here. In the rain. With wet feet. And I finally bought a rain coat, which I left hanging in the closet at home. I’m thinking a quick run to town for more coffee might motivate me a bit more. Actually, I have a coffee pot. Maybe a run to the grocery store. I could buy a whole pound of the stuff, and sit here in the office gulping coffee all day. Probably get a lot of cleaning done with that much coffee. Worth a thought.

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  1. Anna says:

    Poor Kim! I feel your “rain”
    We have had a three day reprieve, but alas, rain is forecast for the next 4 days.
    Maybe a set of boots at the barn office would help? My hubby makes THE best cafe au lait in the am for me — lots of nice milky froth and serves it to me in a c.a.l. bowl I picked up from a 2nd hand store — its chipped but I love drinking out of it. Bless him!
    I weeded this past weekend at home… at least the boogers came out of the ground easy, but the mushrooms — YUCK! They’re all over the place. Serves me right since I only tended to the landscaping sporatically since April!
    Hope it gets better for you very soon

  2. Sandy says:

    Hooray for Dave and coffee!
    Humid and rain here too but we haven’t had any reason to complain like you guys. Unfortunately TRF is having it’s Run for the Horses today… so they got one of the few crappy days we’ve had this month.
    Hope the green stuff hasn’t covered your leather halters. Which reminds me, should be a good day to clean my refrigerator. 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    Kim — check out the Sept and the Oct 2013 issue of Dressage Today for the articles on re-training the OTTB by Louise Robson — good pointers in the Oct issue.


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