Good morning

Okay, 10 til 8 in the morning, and I’m already exhausted. Didn’t sleep much. At any rate, my buddy J3 still isn’t back in the saddle, so I did riding duty yesterday. Peter is still off, so that’s one I missed. Red was terrific! She is soooo getting transitions! Moves forward into the next gait rather than CRASH! You said halt, eh? At least she does know halt. Always important, that one. And get this: leg yields! She really tries hard, this mare. Sometimes too hard – she tries to out think me and see if she can come up with what I want before I ask. That’s okay. At least she wants to please.

Poor Brown had an off day. Not her usual wonderful self. She just didn’t feel like playing. Oh well. I have those days, too. Got to expect that now and again.

Swing Street rocks! She really wants to go about with her head in the air, but is now starting to get pretty steady. She is very light and flexible. I already told you about her hunting debut.

People came to look at Flash (Mystic Fever). I hope they take him. They liked him and he did really well. He even jumped a small vertical for them. He didn’t have to – his legs are so long he could step over three feet, but he obligingly gave them a little hop, and everyone was happy.

And I took Gator on a hack through the woods. Well, it was supposed to be a hack, but I made the mistake of putting the double jointed snaffle on. Since Gator learned how to foxhunt, she disdains the more mundane things in life, such as ringwork and walking, say. So we went at a rather high rate of speed around the trail, narrowly missed two trees, and jumped lots of mystery objects. Mystery objects are things only Gator can see. We will be cantering along what seems (to me) to be a perfectly clear trail when suddenly UP! We clear a three foot invisible (to me) object. Apparently, she likes to jump. I see her do it in turn out as well, and I can guarantee there is nothing to jump but a few weeds out there.

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  1. Lisa C says:

    Kim, I’m getting such a kick out of reading your blog! Even though I haven’t yet visited Montpelier, I can almost envision everything that’s happening there. Can’t wait to come down for Art At The Barn and finally meet everyone.

  2. KimW says:

    Hey, people are actually reading this! Cool. And you are coming to VA? Cooler.


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