Good news, bad news

Okay, I was chastised for not blogging, so here we go again.  You want the good news or the bad news?  Been a busy week.  I guess we will start with the bad stuff, then end on a happy note.  Just like we try to do while training, right?  Always end positive?

So, J3 shattered her wrist.  No, there was NO horse involved at all!  We were moving a picnic table.  Go figure.  She’s out for two months, just when the weather started to get nice.  Of course, they are calling for torrential rain the next two days (and yes, I had scheduled the farrier).

Angus still think the ladies love him, so while showing off to the girl across the road, he had a fence incident.  Upshot: he’s out of the picture for a while with a big band aid on his hoof.

And Enzo has cancer.

So now for the good news!  We got shoes yesterday, so the big mare that I really like can go back into “work.”  And Smash is amazing!  Only a few times under saddle (in between rain days) and he can walk, trot, canter (on the right lead.  For some reason he prefers that one), leg yield, turn on the forehand, trot poles and jumps cross rails!  He is simply awesome!  I am just loving this little horse!  I want a dozen more just like him!  Now that he has shed out, I need a super sunny day to get some good pictures up on the website.  He is brown, with no white (perfect!), so these cloudy days do not do him justice.  Just like when I tried to get pictures of Tony.  I got an outline of a horse.  Need sun.  And I hope the young woman who came to try him comes back for him.

The grass is in and we need to bush hog, but it won’t stop raining.  However, the horses finally all look terrific.  Nothing like spring clover to put on the weight.

When we get a few nice days, Ron has been painting fences, and we got more gravel on the driveways, so everything is looking sharp again.

And it is very nice not to have to get out of bed in the dark anymore.  I swear I am solar powered.  There isn’t enough caffeine on the planet to get me moving before the sun comes up.  I guess that’s it.


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  1. Anna says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Enzo. And of course J3’s wrist.

    Isn’t grass wonderful & when the horses shed out, it’s like Christmas — surprise under the wraps!


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